The objective of site investigations and environmental assessment is to confirm that a potential site is suitable for a nuclear power plant in terms of environmental protection and in terms of nuclear safety.

The product of the works will be the preparation of reports necessary to obtain key decisions:

  • the Decision on Environmental Conditions,
  • the Location Permit.

The decisions are necessary before an application can be submitted for the construction license issued by President of NAEA and for the Construction Permit issued by the Governor of the Voivodship.

Environmental assessment  - detailed information

The purpose of environmental assessment is to provide data necessary for a decision weather a given location is suitable for the construction of a nuclear power plant in terms of environmental protection.

The assessment includes detailed nature inventory of both land and water fauna and flora (including marine environment). The inspectors will conduct field activities to identify natural habitats, observe animals and their tracks, remove animals from the area (if necessary for given species), perform audio monitoring, consult with forest rangers, fisheries and local residents.

Nature inventory will cover the entire area affected by the investment (power plant with associated infrastructure including cooling systems and power lines), including areas affected by infrastructure necessary for the construction of the power plant. In the course of the assessment, the condition of abiotic elements will also be evaluated (including elements of nature other than living organisms, i.e. rocks, soils, minerals, ground waters, surface waters, air), including levels of pollution and the presence of radioisotopes in soil, ground waters, surface waters and the atmosphere.


Site investigation - detailed information

The objective of site investigation is to confirm that a given site is suitable for a nuclear power plant in terms of nuclear safety.

The scope of site investigation includes:

  • geological analysis of the area,
  • geo-engineering tests,
  • seismic monitoring,
  • geophysical analysis of the site,
  • meteorological observations,
  • hydrological monitoring,
  • hydrogeological tests.

Site investigation will also include the analysis of density of population 

and land development. Risk of emergencies will also be assessed, where they may influence the safety of the power plant. This includes both man-induced events (the analysis includes distances from airports and industrial facilities), as well as effects of forces of nature (analysis includes risk of fires, extreme weather conditions or presence of suspended solids in the atmosphere). 

Test results will serve as the basis of:  

  • The EIA Report as an attachment to the application for the Decision on Environmental Conditions for the project;
  • A location report attached to the application for the Location Permit.