PGE EJ 1 Sp. z o.o. runs an education and information program entitled „Świadomie o atomie”. The aim of the program is to encourage Poles to seek information on nuclear power and provide knowledge for them to build their own opinions on the subject.

The education and information portal run by the company,, offers current information regarding the progress of the Polish nuclear project the latest news from the world and a collection of information on nuclear power.

The education and information activities conducted by PGE EJ1 and related to nuclear power focus on two potential locations of the first Polish nuclear power plant, where site characterisation is now in progress. The two locations are the “Choczewo” site, in the municipality of Choczewo, and the “Żarnowiec” site, in the municipalities of Krokowa and Gniewino. The aim of the activities is to educate as well as inform the residents of Choczewo, Krokowa and Gniewino about nuclear power and the construction of the first Polish nuclear power plant.