Maintenance of support for the NPP construction in Poland and close cooperation with site communes are the strategic tasks of Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe. For this purpose the “Agreement on Cooperation and Development” was concluded in January 2014 between the authorities of the Company, representatives of the Choczewo, Krokowa and Gniewino communes and the Local Government of the Pomerania Province. Another step was the Support Program for the Development of Site Communes (SPDSC) launched in November 2015. It is to support the development of site communes, promote knowledge about nuclear power, establish social acceptance for this source of energy and support the effectiveness of the investment process.

Support Program for the Development of Site Communes is an initiative addressed to the local government units: the Choczewo, Gniewino and Krokowa communes, Puck county and Wejherowo county. Individuals, non-governmental organisations, foundations, social and professional organisations and other entities can also benefit from the Program. The prerequisite is their residence or registered office within the site communes. Financing is granted to support selected projects submitted under the Program in the following areas:

•  education and information activities related to nuclear power;

•  actions related to the labour market and support for professional development;

•  infrastructure projects;

•  charity initiatives;

•  sponsoring projects.

The submitted initiatives are assessed by the Consulting Board composed of representatives of the Company, representatives of the local government of the Pomerania province, offices of the Puck and Wejherowo counties as well as the authorities and residents of the Choczewo, Gniewino and Krokowa communes. The task of the Board is to issue opinions and recommendations to the Management Board of PEJ on the projects which meet formal requirements and conditions of the Program.